Heaven of high quality and fashion leather shoes in HCM
Supplying high quality and trustworthy Big Size Leather Shoes
Are you having trouble finding a large leather shoe?
So don't worry, AHA SHOP will help you.
AHA throughout 10 years of operation is proud to bring its customers the Big Size products of the most beautiful and quality.
AHA always updates the trendy, stylish and pure Vietnamese designs
premium materials that make your everyday activities most effective and keep you active.
(suitable for Vietnamese physique)

Shop AHA will diverse for everyone the great quality Big Size Leather Shoes inside the Shop

Big Size Leather Shoes-Elegant Dress Shoes
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Designed with high-quality leather material and elegant color to create confidence for you on the road

These Big Size Leather shoes will make you look luxurious
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Big Size Leather Shoes - High quality fashion shoes

If you are bored with conventional materials, you should try with leather

Your appearance will be dynamic but no less fashionable when paired with a big size leather shoe

Cleaning leather shoes is also easier than normal fabric
Shop will give you some tips for choosing a big size leather shoes like that
>> Glance at first
For big size leather shoes made from real cowhide material, you can clearly see the pattern of leather, the pattern of leather is large and small.
>> Dropping water on the skin surface
You drip a few drops of water on the surface of the skin. Over time, you notice that the water is slowly absorbed into the skin, meaning that your big size leather shoes are genuine. In case the water droplets remain in the shape without changing at all, maybe your big size leather shoes are made from Simili or PU leather.
>> Press lightly on the skin surface
If this is a real big size leather product, you will feel the elasticity of the leather, the skin will be concave at the right position of your hand. As for fake big size leather shoes , even if you press lightly, the surface of the big size leather shoes has been dented into a large area because the fake leather is not elastic like real leather.
Lock screen image for old leather version
Lock screen image for old leather version

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(Old address: 132/11 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, turn to 132 Hoang Hoa Tham 100m, head to the alley with The Coffee House)


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Working time: 8:30 - 21:30, 7 days a week

Website: CaoTo.vn - Big Size Shoes and Footwear, Big Size for Big People

To buy the right model of shoes, but you do not know what size your foot is?

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Big Size Footwear In Ho Chi Minh City

AHA SHOP (CAOTO.VN) ~ Best place to buy sandals big size, size for men where cheap quality assurance?  


Giày Dép NGoại Cỡ Số Lớn Nam ởYên Bái
Giày Dép NGoại Cỡ Số Lớn Nam ởYên Bái
Giày da nam big size cực bền , cực tốt , cực hot
Giày da nam big size cực bền , cực tốt , cực hot